Apollo’s Fire Family Concert – Rainbow Songs

Apollo’s Fire Family Concert – Rainbow Songs

Music of our Brothers & Sisters Across the Planet

Meet the music and ancient instruments from far-away places, including Jerusalem, Spain, Italy, and Africa! The audience learns to sing along as Amanda Powell leads songs of brotherhood, sisterhood, and friendship.

Audience members might learn to sing a fugue theme, dance the Menuet, or play a ground bass at the harpsichord! AF Family Concerts spark learners of all ages with an abundance of impromptu quizzes and prizes, along with opportunities to talk with the musicians and try playing the instruments. Since 2002, AF has performed many popular Family Concerts in churches and libraries. The famous “Instrument Petting Zoo” ends each program with a delightful mob scene on stage, as kids and parents share eager questions and make cacophonous sounds!

Event goers will enjoy the following discounts after the performance:

Bar Louie – 15% off your meal
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt (Crocker Park) – Buy one get one 50% with proof of ticket

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